An Exorcist Prays


Through the book the words “man”, “men”, “mankind”,  “he”,  “his”,  “himself”,  “brothers”,  “sons” are denoted as being all-inclusive, respecting both genders.

All the quotes in this book are taken from the New American Bible, sponsored by the Bishops’ Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Satanic influence and its malignant impact on people are manifested in situations when one distances oneself from God, which many people have experienced in their lives.

it frequently happens that one starts to forsake and neglect daily prayer, Sunday observances, regular confessions.

Slowly and imperceptibly, he yields before temptations and seductions, and without being aware of what is happening, he suddenly falls under Satan’s influence, who masterfully entangles him into his web, darkening his mind, weakening his will, reducing him to a state of utter powerlessness to put up any fight against evil.

For that person we should first pray that God may, through the gift of faith, strengthen his faith, open up his spiritual eyes and shed light onto his condition.

Author: Monsignor Milivoj Bolobanic (Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Zadar, Croatia)

Booklet  96 pages

Publisher: Ave Maria Centre of Peace

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5.5″

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